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Visit me at a Fair! I always have hundreds of fabrics available across many functional, beautiful and fun styles.


Thanks for stopping by. 2023 is looking GREAT!!! Visit my Fair Schedule to see what's happening and check out my Product Line.

I can always make a bag just for you! Email me or visit my ETSY Shop soon to be loaded with new stock!) to order yours today.

Gracie's Gunnies are one-of-a-kind bags in many styles. I make each bag individually and with the utmost care. They are quality-made, sturdy, pretty, and fun. I hand-select and use multiple fabrics and materials in each bag, so they are full of texture, color, and patterns.

Also, each bag sold makes a difference in the lives of animals that need our help with the $1 Donations Program. Since 2015 Gracies Gunnies has donated over $5000 thanks to you.

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